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Pursuant to operating guidance from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and the County of Hunterdon, Rutgers Cooperative Extension continues to meet the needs of the public primarily through phone, email, web-based communications and education.

If you need Home and Consumer Horticulture Helpline services, please email: with photos of the plants in question, and we will do our best to answer your concerns. 

Photos for diagnosis should include at least one overall picture of the site or plant, as well as close-ups of the plants/insects, etc. and symptoms in question. Please make sure the photos are in focus for the best chance of identifying plant problems. Include a description of the problem, as well as any other descriptions of environmental conditions.  Please include your name and phone number and township where you reside.

About Us

Whether in an urban, suburban or rural landscape, tending to the home or garden comes with a number of challenges involving insects,  weeds, trees, shrubs, turf, and critters.  New Jersey residents spend significant time and money coping with theses challenges—but not alone, thanks to the vast array of services offered by the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES).  Cooperative Extension, a unit of the experiment station, serves homeowners through fact sheets, Rutgers Master Gardener helplines, workshops, and services that test soil and diagnose plant disease.  While extension personnel and Rutgers Master Gardener volunteers are on the front lines providing information to residents, Rutgers researchers are working behind the scenes developing plant and turf varieties that are more resistant, drought tolerant, or environmentally friendly by requiring less input.

Community Garden Unveiling at the Flemington Food Pantry


     Rebecca Magron,
     Horticultural Consultant and Research Associate
     Phone: 908-788-1338

Mailing Address: 

  PO Box 2900
  Flemington, NJ 08822

Physical Address:

  314 Route 12 County Complex
  Building #2
  Flemington, NJ 08822-2900



Spotted Lantern FlyProblems with Spotted Lantern Flies?

Residents from Hunterdon County are reporting the invasive insect, spotted lantern fly (SLF).

Take our passive survey, and data collected will be used to generate maps showing the intensity and location of SLF problems in the county. In addition, your input will help assess the economic impact of SLF.

For tracking purposes, residents should report Spotted Lantern Fly by including a photo and your location here:


Information on spotted lantern fly can be found through the Rutgers website and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's website  

For Home Horticulture and additional questions, please contact 908-788-1735 or


What's In Bloom at RCE

AsterA lesson learned in the Educational Garden

 Deer resistant Siberian Iris was being divided and replacing the Day-lilies (aka deer candy).  The rule was, single blade divide and replant and take out all the folded blade plants. In our zeal to remove Day-lilies from our garden, a deer and rabbit resistant plant, Kniphofia uvaria, commonly called Torch lily or Poker lily, was taken out!

Closer observation would have distinguished Day-lily with a thinner leaf blade gently arching and the blades are entire( smooth edge).Kniphofia uvaria has a thicker Asterfolded blade that  folds over and the edge is finely serrated(1st photo). Day-lily leaves also have blades coming out of the crown inone plane while Kniphofia uvaria have leaves in several planes.  

Another difference is in the root system. Thick fibrous roots (2nd picture) are similar but Day-lilies (on the right)have small tuberous areas and Kniphofia uvaria roots are thick without any tubers (on the left).


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